Pitch Your Games Company — The Online Course

Online education is becoming one of the most meaningful ways of learning new skills. You have services like Udemy offering low-cost passive courses, and then you have things like Masterclass, where you can get lessons from Hans Zimmer on how to produce scores for blockbuster movies. But there’s so much to go in between these two extremes.

The top reason why I think an online course is the best way to teach fundraising for a gaming startup? It just scales! I have all the knowledge needed to help founders in their fundraising process, but it doesn’t make sense for me to coach a dozen companies physically. With the online course system, I can coach thousands of startups during the same period.

This is why we have launched our first online course, Pitch Your Games Company.

What is the course about

Fundraising for a gaming startup is so hard. It can help to show off a story and a plan to building the most valuable company. I want to share everything I’ve learned from raising venture capital for two startups, and what the process is all about. I’m throwing in lots of real-world stories from hard-earned experiences.

There are six modules inside the course, including almost five hours of lecture videos. The topics for these modules are

  • Why raise money from investors? Besides the money, the founder should always think about what they can gain from having investors as partners in the business.
  • When should you raise What is the optimal time for your company to raise funding? Why it might not be now but after you’ve progressed a bit further. Either the story isn’t there yet, or that you don’t have the right kind of team in place for investors to feel comfortable.
  • The pitch What goes into a pitch deck? What’s a compelling story and execution plan that an investor wants to hear?
  • Investor reading the founder and asking questions
  • The term sheet What is a term sheet, who issues it, and what are the contents like in a term sheet.
  • Hoe to work with your investors? Once you have investors, how should you be using them to benefit the company? They are your partners, so use them!

The course has three live calls with me, Joakim, your instructor. I wanted to add this live social experience because it’s so easy to meet over Zoom, record the discussion, and share it afterward.

Each of the calls has a different purpose

  • The first call will be an introduction call, where we look at your current business and possible pitch decks.
  • The second call will be after you’ve consumed all the modules. Then we get to work and start applying the learnings from the material into your pitch deck.
  • The third call will happen after the pitch has been created and has been tested with some investors, to get feedback from actual targets.

What were the inspirations for the course

In the previous year, I’ve purchased several online courses to help me learn new skills. I knew that if I’d be starting a coaching business like Elite Game Developers, I could learn a lot from some online courses.

On podcasts, I purchased the two podcasting courses by Pat Flynn. He’s a person I look up to in how he shares knowledge. At the time that I was leaving Supercell, I was listening to his podcast, which was only a year old back then. The idea of a new kind of online business, with a podcast, blogging, and proprietary premium content, was planted in me at that point. But, I had already set out to build my next games company, so the idea had to wait until 2019.

If you are thinking about starting a podcast, I highly recommend that you purchase his beginner’s course. Here’s an affiliate link which Pat supplied to me to share with you guys.

Write of Passage is a writing course I purchased late last year. The course has been the most transformative experience for me during the whole year after leaving Next Games. David Perell is an online writer, and he’s created an online course where you learn the skills of writing online in the modern-day.

The biggest takeaways for me from David’s course was that online education could be a social experience. In the course, there would be live Zoom calls with all the students in the cohort. You’d be attending a lecture, hearing questions getting asked, and you’d have the chance to ask your questions. There would also be breakout rooms where students would discuss topics and learn from each other.

If you are thinking about really starting to write online, which I highly recommend to anybody in the world, please check out the site and watch David’s intro video. He’s a phenomenal person. If you’re on Twitter, definitely do follow him there.

The great investor

To highlight something from my course, I want to mention the great investor. 

There are countless investors out there that you could pitch. What matters is that the investor has worked as an investor for several years. This experience gives the investor a background of helping founders in all kinds of situations. 

I’m pointing out how you can raise money from these VCs who’ve seen everything and will be very selective. They’re also the people you want as partners. These investors will build the company with you. They will push you to the uncomfortable and beyond.

In the course, I talk about these people as great investors. Every entrepreneur should think about building a case that will attract these great investors to become their partners in the business.

Final words

If you are looking to raise investor money for your startup, you should head on over to our Course section and purchase your course today!