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I (Joakim) wrote an article with the AppMagic folks, and in it, we talk about the ways that developers of mobile games should think about market insights in the early stages of concepting and prototyping of their games. Check it out here.

Today I had a chat with Carl Fritjofsson, partner at venture capital firm Creandum, with offices in Stockholm, San Francisco and Berlin. 

Before his VC job, Carl founded two startups and raised several rounds of funding. After his second company, Carl left to work with the world’s most active seed investor 500 Startups in San Francisco, coaching and mentoring early stage companies through an intensive 4 months accelerator program. In parallel to this Carl was a part-time Venture Partner with Creandum supporting its portfolio in the US market. 

In 2016 Carl scaled up to a full-time partner role with Creandum. He now is to go-to guy at Creandum in all their gaming related investments. Carl tweets on Twitter with @fritjofsson.

We talk with Carl about:

  • How should a founder approach a financing round?
  • How does your decision making change from Pre-Seed, to Seed, to Series A?
  • Why isn’t the tech VC looking at games, when they are looking at mix of other tech related startups?

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