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Today I’m talking with Mika Kuusisto, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kopla Games, a mobile games company from Tampere, Finland. Mika and his co-founders quickly built and launched their first game, Non-Stop Knight, and got acquired in a short period of time by Flaregames. Mika shares his thoughts on the entrepreneur journey so far.

Topics that we discuss in this episode include:

  • In the early days, you guys were four people and you pulled off a really good looking game, how did you manage that?
  • What was the road like to the Flaregames acquisition? Why did Flaregames say yes? And what was it like for the team?
  • Do you look up to some people in the industry as role models, and companies as role models of what kind of games company you want to lead?
  • What are your most effective ways of learning things, and why they work?
  • How do you approach failure and bouncing back from it?
  • Have you applied your learnings and transferred how you understand things, so that other people can benefit from them?

You can listen to the episode on: