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Josh Buckley started his first games company as a teenager and sold it before he graduated high school. His entrepreneur journey took him to US, where he got accepted to the Y Combinator accelerator with his new company. Years later, we discuss what has happened to Josh and his business and what he has learned from running a venture backed games company.

Topics that we cover with Josh include

  • After your early success, how did you end up in the US?
  • How did you get into YC and what was YC like for you?
  • You are now located in Canada, what was the story around relocating the company?
  • How has your leadership changed over time?
  • Making games is so much fun, but it often makes you neglect the company building aspect of the work. What are the skills that entrepreneurs should learn to become better at company building?
  • How do you worry about being liked or disliked by the people around you? Does it consume mental bandwidth?

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