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Gameye is a platform independent game server auto-scaling solution. Game sessions are spread out over multiple providers to achieve the best possible coverage in every region of the world. Gameye is your one-stop-shop for all your server orchestration needs. They create and provide their own API for this, which lets you scale when you need it, in locations close to your players. Check out

Joe Schaeppi and Bastian Bergmann are co-founders of 12traits, a player motivations company based out of Berlin, Germany. I’m a big fan of profiling the players that I’m approaching with a game, and guiding the discussion in the team around actual data on the target audience. It eliminates questions like should we launch before we have PVP or not because guys like 12traits are providing you the data. Check out 12traits at

Topics that we cover include:

  • You have built your player motivations tool. What goes in and what comes out?
  • How should a game team take one of these personas and make it actionable?
  • How does it work for User Acquisition?
  • How do you pitch 12traits compared to other player profiling tools?
  • What is different to the approach, when the developer has players, maybe a small user base of ten thousand DAU versus a million DAU?
  • What are the best reactions you’ve had from developers when they’ve used 12traits? Did you run into something unexpected?