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Teppo Soininen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ministry of Games, a mobile gaming startup from Helsinki Finland. I’ve known Teppo for a long time, and he has been building his games company for some time now. He has gone from longer development to rapid development and has worked with publishers to launch their games. We now discuss the lessons he’s learned from working with publishers.

Topics that we discuss include:

  • What really is the difference between co-development deals and publishing deals?
  • Which kind of publisher can win the best deals?
  • Publishing deal versus and investor deal? In your mind, what are the key differences?
  • Pitching to investors, you say that you will seek to not self-publish. How do investors react to this, and do you believe that the investor sentiment changed over the years?
  • You are making games of rapid development now. Are there any circumstances that would make you want to go back to development that could take a year or more to soft launch?

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