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Today I’m talking with Jani Penttinen, the Co-Founder & CEO of Utopos Games, based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Jani started his career in gaming over twenty years ago, first in Finland, before moving to work at Westwood Studios in the States. Later he founded a few companies outside of gaming, before returning to work on a new gaming startup with his ex-colleagues from Westwood.

Topics that we cover include:

  • Talk about your experience at Westwood, and how it compared to working in Finland?
  • How do you think that doing a startup with people you already know personally, helps at the start of the journey?
  • What is your leadership style like?
  • How do you apply empathy to your leadership style? And can others learn to become emphatic leaders?
  • As you grow, the company culture will become even more important. When visitors will visit Utopos’ office in a year or two, what kind of vibe do you want them to get from walking in the office?