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Today I’m talking with Matt Frenchmann, the Co-Founder and CEO of Sugar, a game financing company from London, UK. Matt was previously an investment banker, and in the recent years, he’s been building Sugar, a user acquisition financing company for games. In this episode, we talk with Matt about how he’s been learning how gaming works, and how he can change dept financing for games. I can tell you that the ROAS of this episode is off the charts!

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Topics that we cover in this episode include:

  • Currently, the best gaming companies raise a lot of venture funding. There was a statistic that I recently read that 40% of tech VC money goes to pay for ads on Facebook and Google. That’s the worst place to put the money to work right?
  • What kind of game companies do you fund?
  • Let’s do a deep dive into the metrics that you look for, what are they?
  • Are there aspects that you are still figuring out? Related to metrics, to educating game developers for debt-based UA funding?
  • When you do a deal with a game company, do you ask them for personal guarantees or something similar on the financing?