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Today I’m talking with Derk de Geus, the co-founder of Paladin Studios. Derk has been building his games company for close to fifteen years, and has many insights to share with us.

  • Derk shares the survival story of his company around the financial crisis in 2008
  • Derk’s background was very non-entrepreneurial, he stumbled upon it after he found how interesting it was to do money from his creative work
  • Derk’s personal goal was to create the best working environment for the people at the company
  • Designing a company is very creative work, and it was satisfying, “scratching the creative itch”
  • Founder’s patterns of behavior will become tangible for the people in the company
  • Vision matters in entrepreneurship, know what you want, and the real goal shouldn’t be money
  • Running a games company is like being the captain of a pirate ship
  • In the early days, the founders should be concerned about cashflow – make sure there is money coming in
  • If you are a co-development games company or in the service business, brining on investors doesn’t really make sense
  • Co-development has a revenue share component, so it’s not fully work-for-hire

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