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In this episode, we’re going to listen to the recording from a webinar that we here at Elite Game Developers organized in May of 2020. The topic was “Work From Home For Game Teams”. We had Sophie Vo, the Game Lead from Voodoo, on the webinar and both me and Sophie did a presentation on the learnings of working from home, how remote-first companies will be operating in the future, and what working from home has been like for gaming startups.

Topics that we cover include:

  • How Silicon Valley startups have been adapting to rising costs and going remote-first?
  • We look at the remote practices of companies like UseFYI, Basecamp and others.
  • What do VCs looking for, when they are specificly looking for remote ideas?
  • Sophie shares her learnings of building a game team at Voodoo and launching the team to their first projects right when the Coronavirus came along