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    Excerpts from “Long Term Game: How To Build A Video Games Company”

    “…breakdown of a possible games entrepreneur’s career, into two-year chunks.”

    “Lots of times, the entrepreneur sets off to start a company, without examining a clear definition for their ambition level for the company.”

    “In a passionate and creative industry like the games industry, you’ll need to ask your hires these important questions to determine if there is alignment in the growth mindset.”

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    Answers to some frequently asked questions

    What is Elite Game Developers?

    Elite Game Developers is a resource run by me, Joakim Achrén, to teach you proven strategies for running a games business and optimizing it in effective ways.

    I’ve been through so many troubles in my career and my mission with Elite Game Developers is to help people who are seeking success in the games industry. It is such a rewarding job to be doing games, but it can also be cruel in so many ways. Hope the resources I’m sharing will help the future entrepreneurs who adventure into games development.

    Who is Elite Game Developers for?

    Aspiring games entrepreneurs is the core audience who should be reading and getting to know the things I teach.

    But I also go beyond the bits and pieces of starting and running a games company. This includes designing games, running a live game and all the supportive functions that make for a great games business.

    Where should I start?

    Sign up for my newsletter, listen to the podcast and dive into the online courses. Also, you can pick up my book.

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