In this podcast episode, I’m speaking with Jon Radoff, the founder and CEO of Beamable, a company that enables game developers to launch live service games. Jon has been in gaming for ages and has founded several startups in the gaming space.

In this discussion, we talk about what Jon learned about company building from his previous company Disruptor Beam, what he thinks is happening with all the buzzwords in gaming, like the metaverse, and where that is leading the industry.

To share one quote from Jon, it would be this one: “The thing the game industry will teach you is humility. And if you don’t have humility, when you start building games, you will eventually have humility because it’s only a matter of time. Before you find out that your, your brilliant idea, your beautiful idea, just doesn’t resonate with a large enough audience to become commercially viable because you look at the intersection points of success in this industry.”