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Today I’m talking to David Gardner, a general partner at London Venture Partners. On their website, they say that “We’ve done our 2-guys-in-a-garage start-up. We’ve helped companies transition from back-of-an-envelope vision to a multi-billion-dollar powerhouse. It isn’t a mystery to us, and our passion is to help you strategically and operationally.” We’ll now hear the lay of the land from David himself.

Topics that we cover in this episode include:

  • What is the mission of LVP?
  • You were an early investor in Supercell, are the things that mattered there, regarding the business and your decision to invest, still valid today?
  • We’ve seen Play Ventures and Makers Fund appear in the last year or two. How do you see these new funds changing things for the gaming ecosystem?
  • You had some incubator experience? What worked and what didn’t with the incubator?
  • What is the single biggest challenge in your role as a venture investor?
  • What insight do you wish you had known at the start of your career in venture?